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Social Intranet Services That Greatly Boost Business Productivity

Human beings are social creatures. There’s no way to change this, and the evolutionary concept of us being social is proven by the immense success of companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Look at the offices of many of these social companies and you’d see similar brainstorming and collaboration that you would see within companies at the startup level.

Relationships are based on communication long before they ever reach the “trust” stage. In fact, businesses that communicate less progress much more slowly, in general, than those who do. So, what can you give your employees before the Holidays come by (besides a break, of course)?

For one thing, if you have a company with an office environment, you could try including a social intranet. We already discussed Podio in an earlier article, but little did I know that there were other services with similar offers:

  • Bitrix24This collaborative suite is very similar to Podio in that it connects CRM, instant messaging, collaboration, and task management into one package. If you’re looking to just try it out, get their free package, which lets you include up to 12 users, 5 GB storage, company intranet, and all the features it advertises. Their first paid plan costs $99 a month and includes 50 GB storage for unlimited users with extranet capabilities (which allow you to include people and organizations outside your intranet).
  • YammerThis particular suite allows you to establish meaningful discussions between employees through instant file sharing and collaborative task management. A Yammer package costs nothing unless you upgrade to their “Business” package, which also gives you branding capabilities and network-wide announcements. With the business package, you’ll be able to manage applications installed within Yammer to totally customize how your business operates. Prices start at $5 per user per month.

If your company’s starting to expand, you’ll notice that it becomes more and more impersonal. With social collaboration, you end up rekindling the flames that made the company what it was in the first place. You’ll have the excitement of completing goals every step of the way together with the employees at your organization.

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